At Warrington Road Nursery School we want your child to feel safe and comfortable and we are passionate about helping our children to feel welcome and included. Taking this into account, we have a suggested uniform.

Our uniform consists of:

Pale blue polo shirt (with logo) £10
Navy sweatshirt (with logo) £11
Navy/black joggers, trousers, shorts, skirts, pinafores available at any local shops or supermarkets.
Nursery School bookbag £5

We ask children to come in velcro trainers/shoes as they are easier for the children to put on and take off themselves. In addition to this, we ask for wellies to be left in school and a weather appropriate coat to be brought in daily. 

Although most children choose to wear uniform, it is not compulsory, and parents are free to send their child into nursery in their own clothes.  Please do not dress your child in their best clothes as we love messy activities!  Please also make sure the clothes are practical and easy to unfasten.  We cannot guarantee that things such as paint and glue will come out of their clothes.

Our uniform is exclusively supplied from School.  Please contact the school office for more information. 

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